Happy 2019 from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where I'm spending the week after Christmas. This bustling city is famous for its beaches and resorts, but I’ve come to love it, over a couple of dozen visits, for its people, culture and stunning jungle geography. Most tourists come here and take photos at the beach, but I’ve become more enchanted by the view with your back to the ocean. It makes me wonder what other beauty I’m missing over my shoulder.

I’m spending this week, in advance of my 42nd birthday in a few days, meditating on what I want out of my next rotation around the sun and how I’ll go about it. A big theme of my meditation so far has been a deeper connection to people I love, deeper than shallow social media allows. Over the last few years, we’ve given more and more of our lives over to social media platforms and we’re starting to see just how destructive that can be — notably how Facebook is using our data for evil means.

So part of my 2019 will involve winding down use of many social media platforms and hopefully moving those connections to platforms I fully own (my website, email list, in-person interactions, handwritten notes and Facetime calls). I hope this leads to more meaningful connections with those around me.

If you're interested in getting to know me better or reconnect after just being "Facebook friends", send me your info (at this link) and I’ll send you an occasional email missive, along with an occasional postcard and maybe even a phone call. Really! Let’s see how far I can scale this.

P.S. If you're interested in Puerto Vallarta, check out my guide to the city.