Beginnings always hide themselves in ends.

Connecting the dots from grief to joy.

Beginnings always hide themselves in ends.
One of the most amazing sunsets I've ever experienced.

ROHRMOSER, SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA – Three years ago this week, I came home to learn my five-year relationship was over.

I was devastated, in shock, unable to feel anything. Not knowing what to do, I hopped on a plane to Wisconsin and sought solace with dear friends who graciously invited me to spend Christmas and New Years with them in Costa Rica.

That trip led to another trip which led to buying a vacation home which led to me moving to Costa Rica earlier this year.

Now I’m investing in a business in Costa Rica and dreaming about producing a couple of TV/movie projects here – all with a dear friend. I am surrounded by friends, love and a beautiful (yet still messy) life.

If you would have asked me on that painful day where I’d be on November 29, 2022, I wouldn’t have been able to dream of the love-filled place I am today. (And I certainly wouldn't have predicted the difficulties of grieving and healing during a pandemic!)

Had I not visited those Wisconsin friends or agreed to go on that first trip to Costa Rica, who knows where I'd be? Sure, it might be just as beautiful, but I'm happy this is my new beginning.

P.S. "Beginnings always hide themselves in ends" is a lyric from a great song by Mike Posner. It's worth watching the video!