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Seeking My Advice

I'm happy to provide business/career advice, referrals, and mentorship to those who I believe I can truly help. If you're interested, please email me a straight-forward, no B.S. summary of what type of advice you are looking for and how I might be able to help you. I'm unable to help until I receive a clear email with a good summary of your situation.

Pitching Your Business

I get "pitched" numerous times a month by people trying to get me to hire them or invest time/money in their business ideas. I say no to 99.99% of such inquiries.

I do not consider business opportunities via telephone.

To pitch me, you must send a email with a straight-forward, no B.S. summary of your business and your background with the subject line, "PITCH: [Your business name]." If I'm interested, I will schedule a follow-up phone call. Numerous emails and cold telephone calls will lead to instant rejection.